SWG Biocide

SWG TM Biocide

Best value Line Disinfectant on the market


  • CLEAN IN-PLACE LIMITED DISINFECTION OF ANIMAL, LIVESTOCK, AND POULTRY WATER LINES. This product can be used to disinfect Gram-negative organisms in tanks, pumps or medicators used to deliver the product, piping and tubing associated with water lines in animal, livestock and poultry housing facilities.
  • Also, EPA REGISTERED for use as a fungicide, algicide, slimicide, and microbiocide in water transfer line systems. SWG BIOCIDE can be used to remove and control BIOFILM deposits and other organic contaminates in industrial tanks, pumps, piping and tubing associated with WATER TRANSFER LINE SYSTEMS.
  • Non combustible/Non flammable, Ease of application, single Feed, no mixing, feed to system with a simple 1 ounce/gal medicator (1:128)
  • Short in line time recommended, 4 hours-24 hours

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