Ionization is the physical process of converting an atom or molecule into an ion by adding or removing charged particles such as electrons or other ions. The positively charged ions attach to the negatively charged algae or bacteria cell membrane and cause cell lysis and death. They also bind to amino acids, denaturing proteins and rendering them ineffective at controlling biochemical processes. When the ion binds with phosphates, the structural backbone of DNA molecules unravels and breaks down. Thirty years ago, Intec commercialized this technology by using copper ions.

The ionization process involves a safe, low voltage DC current that is applied to the copper electrodes. As the ions attempt to move from one electrode to another, many of them become suspended in water. Copper ions pierce the protective outer membrane of a cell and disrupt enzyme balance to kill algae and bacteria. In most cases, the electrodes will last 2-5 years and are relatively inexpensive to replace. Ionization is safe and healthy as the minerals used for water purification are recognized as essential to the body.

While chemicals may damage plastic or vinyl liners, ionized pools can actually increase their surface life threefold. Intec uses only highly purified copper because it is more effective at disinfection than what our competitors use.

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