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Whole House

Whole house reverse osmosis systems are considered to be the pinnacle in water treatment options that provide bottled water quality to every faucet in your residence. These systems can remove 95-99.5% of most contaminants found in water including, but not limited to, hardness, salts, metals, nitrates, arsenic, lead, fluoride, and THMs. Consult with Intec to see if this is your best option. Pre-treatment, post treatment, storage of product water, and booster pumps may be required.


Nelsen offers may models with various options to suit your needs (more than shown on this site). These are great value systems that offer great quality at very reasonable pricing.


Watts Water Technologies is one of the largest OEMS of water treatment and offer very high quality systems. The R14 series would be a better choice if your TDS is greater than 2,000.