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  • Ionized Pools - Purifying a Swimming Pool

    Your body isnít designed to be soaked in chlorine. When exposed to these toxins, your eyes sting, your skin dries out, and your hair becomes damaged. We specialize in chlorine free pools and chemical free pools because we feel water should be clean AND safe. We utilize copper ionization to sanitize pool water because chlorine and other disinfectants are growing health concerns. Ionized pools effectively kill algae and water-born pathogens. They are also more cost effective than any other treatment method and will pay for themselves in less than two years generally.

    The ionization process will increase the life of vinyl liners, save money on maintenance, and provide softer water. Experiments at the University of Arizona prove that such mineral ions, in conjunction with trace chlorine, are 1,000 times more effective against algae than chlorine alone. We commercialized this NASA technology thirty years ago to replace hazardous chemical treatment with a natural, health-conscious alternative.
    Chlorine Free Pools

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