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Access to clean water is an essential requirement for anyone in regular and emergency situations. The water is stored in different water storage tanks to ensure their easy access during regular days and emergencies. At Intec-America, we provide water storage tanks of different types to meet water storage requirements on normal days and emergencies. These storage tanks are designed to meet water storage requirements in different scenarios. You can find tanks in different sizes, materials, and configurations with us.

What is a Water Storage Tank?

A water storage tank is a container used to store clean and pure drinking water for timely access. This tank is usually connected to your faucet in the kitchen. When you turn on the faucet, the water travels from the tank to the pipe of the faucet to offer you fresh stored water. Water for the tank is usually pumped from well or municipal water supplies. This water is contaminated with several impurities, which may cause several health hazards if ignored. The water is purified using reverse osmosis systems or filters to contamination-related health issues. These reverse osmosis systems and filters are directly connected to the water tank.

Types of Water Storage Tanks Offered by Intec America

Our selection features two types of water storage tanks – pressure tanks and atmospheric tanks. We deliver atmospheric tanks to large-scale municipal storage applications. The pressure tanks are usually employed for point-of-use applications such as reverse osmosis tanks.

  • Pressure Tanks: The tanks use compressed air to produce water pressure. This compressed pressure is created with air bladder or air chamber within the tank. When the tank is filled with water, the air is compressed by water weight. This compressed air will continue to build pressure in the tank. When the tank attains internal pressure, the feed water stops delivery. When the faucet is opened, the water pressure drives water from the tank to your pipes. When water is released from the tank, the air expands again, and the tank pressure decreases automatically. This signals the source to restart water delivery.
  • Atmospheric Tanks: The tanks store water at ambient pressure and do not feature any air chamber or air bladder. This ambient pressure refers to any preexisting pressure, which is induced due to the location of the tank. Unlike pressure tanks, these tanks do not impose any pressure on the water. Generally, water is drawn out of these tanks using booster pumps. We can provide UV stabilized tanks for outdoor applications.

Tips to Choose the Right Water Storage Tank for Your Home or Business

We believe our job doesn’t end at developing storage tanks as per the requirement. For us, terms like water storage, water budgeting, and water economy wield high importance. We help clients make the right selection based on their needs. The following pointers will help in preliminary stages.

  • Water Usage in Your Home or Office: As per the rule of thumb, a person requires one gallon water every day. Half gallon water is used for drinking and cooking and the remaining half gallon for hygiene. This will go up if users require water for other needs. So, you need to analyze the water usage in your office or home in the first place.
  • Preparing for Emergencies: Storing water for everyday use is important, but you need to address unforeseen emergencies such as natural disasters. The water source may be disrupted for various reasons ranging from several damage of old and ageing city pipelines to emergence of disasters such as ice storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. According to FEMA, you must store water that lasts at least three days.
  • Material Consideration: We can provide water tanks made of materials like fiberglass, carbon steel, stainless steel, polyethylene, etc. We generally recommend the material depending on the area of use. For instance, fiberglass tanks are ideal for underground applications and stainless steel tanks for applications that demand big, durable, and reliable tanks. Polyethylene and plastic tanks are ideal for those who may be operating on a shoestring budget.

Tips for Installation of Water Storage Tanks

The process of installation would differ depending on the type of tank chosen. Most pressure tanks are easy to install in comparison to atmospheric tanks. The following are a few installation tips that may aid you during the installation process.

  • Connect the tank to the source: If you are drawing water from the well, ensure to connect the water line from the well to the tank. Use the correct type of well pump to pump water into the tank. Use proper fittings while connecting the water line to the tank.
  • Install the check valve: Check valves help restrict water flow into one direction. This means, the water pumped by the well pump will be directed to the tank. The check valve will help avoid the backflow during the process.
  • Use a pressure switch and a pressure relief valve: The pressure switches will direct the pump to switch on and off when the desired pressure is reached. In the absence of the pressure relief switch, the pump will continue delivering water to the tank. A pressure relief valve is another necessary accessory as it opens when water is filled to a certain pressure point. The valve will help release excess water until the desired pressure drop is achieved. If there are no pressure switch and a pressure relief valve, there are all chances that water will exceed recommended pressure and this may lead to damage in the long run.
  • Connect the tank to the boiler drain: There may be cases when the entire tank needs to be emptied for cleaning or releasing tank pressure. The boiler drain will help release water efficiently.

At Intec-America, we always focus on giving what clients need. Our experts work closely with clients to understand their requirements before offering them custom solutions. We can customize most water tank models with the required fittings to meet your specific water storage requirements. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your requirements for water tanks and emergency preparedness solutions. Our experts will be happy to answer your queries and offer you the right solution for your needs.

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