Emergency Water Storage

Water is a very basic necessity of life, and every being on this earth must have access to clean drinking water, everywhere and at all times. However, there may be certain situations such as natural calamities, wars, and so on which may hinder this access to clean water. Hence, contingency planning and emergency water storage solutions need to be developed by users. Intec America offers various tools and solutions for drinking water treatment as well as emergency water storage containers for such difficult situations. While much needs to be done for emergency water storage at the supply level, you can make use of basic filtration systems to help you get potable water in homes, offices, and farms.

Emergency Water Storage Tips

Emergency water storage becomes important for situations when access to clean water is cut off due to various reasons.  The following pointers will help you get it right.

  • While usually you can store water in multiple plastic cans, it is recommended to use environmentally friendly and FDA-approved food grade plastic jars to store such water. This helps shun single use plastic and FDA-approved emergency water storage containers possess the capacity to store the water for long hours or days if required, depending on the situation. Also, they are non-reactive and free from any odor and toxic materials.
  • It is good to have some type of filtration system at home or commercial facility where water is being stored. While this may or may not be useful for daily consumption depending on the water contaminants, it is useful in such situations where even well or surface water may be supplied. There are even options which we can purify sea water and remove the salinity to make it fit to drink.
  • On an average, 100 gallons of water per day is required is required per person for all the household chores and drinking. In contingency planning, this use may come straight down to using just one to five gallons per person per day. With such as drastic difference, proper planning of usage and storage of water in cool and dry places is essential.
  • When planning, one must consider at least one to two quarts of water per person for drinking water. Accordingly, you can get an emergency water storage tanks which can store a few gallons to several thousand gallons. Also, this is not just about drinking water but also about domestic consumption. If there are pets in the home, they need water too.
  • While water must be used sparingly in such situations, basic hygiene and sanitation cannot be ignored. Also, in case there is a patient or a nursing mother at home, clean water becomes all the more important.
  • You can also consider large water storage tanks for a business complex or muti-family housing. These need to be in a suitable location within the complex. We can assist with calculating the total number of gallons which may be required for these tanks.
  • At home level, store as many water bottles/containers as you can and refill them on a need basis from the big emergency water storage containers

Emergency Water Storage System and Treatment Solutions Offered by Intec America

In emergency situations, you may have to get water from just about any source such as water trucks, wells, springs, surface waters, and so on. If not already potable, it is extremely important to purify this water or it may cause health issues. So, investing in the right water treatment system is as important as obtaining the water. Here are the types of filtration systems we offer:

  • We also offer larger containers and can consult you with options on continuous back up water systems for an entire home or business.
  • Water Treatment Solutions: Although emergency water storage using emergency water storage tanks is not a new concept; however, effective, and optimal use of stored water is important. Stored water may become stale, impart a bad taste or odor and it can serve as breeding ground for harmful microbes. Our water treatment solutions for emergency disaster preparedness oversomes such situations. The following are a few popular water treatment solutions offered by us.
  • pH Control: We offer pH neutralizing filters to get the water pH value to around 7 as the water you may get from unknown sources may be highly acidic or alkaline.
  • Water Softeners: Water from wells and any ground water is likely to contain high amounts of minerals such as iron, magnesium, and calcium which make the water hard, which needs to be softened.
  • Water Filters: These can be used to remove various metals and chemicals that can effect the taste of the water or remove toxins that would effect your health.
  • Reverse Osmosis: This treatment system is commonly seen in luxury homes and gated communities. It comes with a semi-permeable membrane which filter out all particulate matter to the ionic levels and offers the highest purity for your home or business.
  • UV Disinfection: This is a very effective sanitation and disinfection method which kills bacteria, algae, and any other organisms present in water using UV radiation.
  • Others: Intec also carries ultrafiltration, whole-house cartridge filters, ozone systems, ionization technologies, and chemical feed pumps and repressurization systems.

Intec America has an expertise in offering water storage solutions and treatment solutions when it comes to your drinking water, swimming pool sanitation, and so on. We have many tools for such emergency situations which are easily available and offer quick and pure drinking water. If you are into contingency planning or any private or government run water treatment organization, our solutions will help you plan well in advance and be prepared in case of such situations. If you need any further information on emergency water storage or treatment solutions, you can reach us via phone or email.

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