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Access to clean water is a basic goal for human rights activists. With limited resources of water and a burgeoning population across the globe, we need to make the existing water potable and use it sensibly. Intec America has pioneered this cause and offers solutions to address issues such as chemical/chlorine removal, hardness, acidic water, nitrates/sulfates, arsenic, radon, hydrogen sulfide, high salt content, and even pathogen control. Intec America has set a standard for water treatment systems in terms of safety, eco-friendly options, minimal or no use of chemicals, and innovative purification offerings. We have now expanded in almost all spheres of water treatment including residential water treatment and offer a variety of technologies. Whether your water is being supplied from a municipality, community system, private well, or surface water, our team will consult with you and address your needs. Intec America was the first company to commercialize the NASA developed copper ionization water treatment technology for commercial and residential water treatment applications.

What is a Water Treatment System?

A water treatment system is often used to improve the water quality for a residence.  It is a complete solution and is not just restricted to a single technology. The type of treatment technology depends on the water’s impurities and your requirements. For instance, well water may have high iron content that stains laundry and fixtures and is also contaminated with E. coli.  This may be best addressed with ozonation and filtration.  Municipal water may have high hardness leaving spots on dishes and the walls of showers.  This could best be addressed with a water softener and perhaps an under-the-sink reverse osmosis for drinking and cooking water to remove chlorine.  Other add-ons or modifications may be suggested to address chemicals, lead, nitrates, odors, high salt levels, or smaller particulate matter.  So, a complete system or a solution goes way beyond just a piece of equipment and each end-user may have different needs requiring customized options.

How Does a Residential Water Treatment System Work?

Typically, residential water treatment systems focus on improving the aesthetics, controlling the aggressiveness, and ensuring the disinfection of the incoming water.  The solution may require 3 or more steps — filtering, softening, and disinfection for example. Filtration is usually first to remove chemicals and suspended matter that effects other technologies downstream.   Water softeners are usually installed next in line to soften the water by removing minerals and metals that may cause stains and clog showerheads.  Disinfection is usually last which eliminates the germs that might cause one to become sick. Our systems come with various capabilities depending upon your requirement, such as remote water testing/monitoring, ultra-pure water via reverse osmosis, iron removal, pH adjustment, and so on.

Which Are the Types of Residential Water Filtration Services Offered at Intec America?

At Intec, we offer the following types of residential water filtration systems:

    • Water Filtration: This is the most basic process of water purification. We offer several filtration technologies including back washable filters that eliminate chemicals, metals, gasses, and suspended particulate matter. Specialty cartridge filters help remove toxic metals such as arsenic, lead, and improves the taste and odor among other sanitary aspects.
    • Water Softeners: Water softeners with basic cation resin or fine mesh resin can be used to reduce the hardness of water, which is especially common in well water. Water is softened as calcium, magnesium, and staining metals such as iron and manganese are removed in significant amounts.
    • Anion exchange systems: Often confused with water softeners, AES uses specialty resins to remove negatively charged particles such as nitrates, nitrites, sulfates, and arsenic that are extremely toxic.
    • pH Control/Acidic Water: Water with a lower pH values, below 7, is considered aggressive and acidic. This may lead to leaching of metals such as copper into the plumbing systems and damage appliances and fixtures. Our pH control systems help neutralize the acid and increase the pH level above 7.
    • Reverse Osmosis System: This is a process which separates dissolved solids such as salts in water. It neutralizes the taste and removes particulate matter. These systems use semipermeable membranes which filter out dissolved contaminants and solids based on the water pressure applied on the membrane. They remove up to 98% contaminants in the water. We provide various types of under-the-sink or point-of-use (POU) units as well as whole house reverse osmosis system or point-of-entry (POE).
    • Sanitation/Disinfection: Intec offer a variety of UV lights, filters, and ozonation systems to sanitize the water by removing or killing biological matter. This is especially useful in case of boil water advisories created by heavy rains, hurricanes, or other natural disasters which may affect the quality of water.
    • Ultrafiltration Water Treatment: This is a system used for both wastewater, as well as potable water treatment. In wastewater treatment, it is used for recycling and reuse. However, this membrane filtration technique is also used to improve the purity of water for consumption and domestic use. It removes particulates down to 0.02 microns from raw water to make it potable. It can be used as a standalone system or with your existing water treatment system.

How to Choose the Right Residential Water Treatment System?

Choosing the right water treatment system will be based on your daily usage requirements, water source, contaminant type and level, installation location, accessibility to electrical and water source, environmental impact concerns, and the overall quality of water you seek. Here are some pointers which may help.

  • Before choosing a water treatment system, it is essential to have your water tested by a reputable lab. We can assist you with this if the water has not been tested.
  • Know the source of water such as river/stream, lake/pond, well, sea/ocean, or public utility and its basic composition.
  • Research the area and history of the source water to see if the water is susceptible to toxins or chemicals. Wells located close to dumps or toxic landfills may contain perchlorate for example or old municipal systems may contain lead.  Some of these are not tested on a basic water analysis and should be added to the test.
  • Inform us on any existing water treatment systems installed which may be able to be utilized and save you money. 
  • Establish an upfront budget that should include any maintenance costs apart from the installation charges. For instance, some systems are inexpensive upfront with minimal installations costs. However, you must change filters periodically and it becomes a more expensive alternative long-term.
  • Research the area and history to see if the water is mixed with toxins or chemicals. Wells located close to dumps or toxic landfills may contain perchlorate for example or old municipal systems may contain lead.  Some of these are not tested on a basic water analysis.

Intec America is a pioneer on water purification and has experience with the most innovative technologies available today. We will address any questions you may have about water purification and offer solutions that can help them. Aside from this, if you have any specific questions or need any further information on this topic, you can reach us on phone or email.

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