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It is a known fact that almost 97% of the water in this world is sea water and the remaining 3% comes from rivers, lakes, and so on. So, typically, over millennia, humans and almost all the living beings have been consuming from the remaining 3% as we cannot drink use sea water which is highly saline and not suitable for our bodies. With much awareness over careful consumption, reducing wastage of water, saving every drop of rainwater, and so on, there are devices being developed which purify and desalinate sea water to make it usable. This is achieved through an emergency water maker which is useful on boats, yachts, islands, and so on. Intec America being an expert in offering water treatment solutions offers desalinating tools as well. We help create awareness about desalination water makers which can be installed in boats and ships and so on.

What Are Emergency Water Makers and Their Importance?

The availability of pure and potable water during emergencies or in areas such as oceans and uninhabited islands is a crucial segment of emergency preparedness. Emergency water makers are typically devices that perform reverse osmosis of sea water to make it suitable for drinking and consumption. Access to clean water when sailing is crucial because even if you are surrounded by water, it is salty and will only dehydrate you and cause skin irritation. So, water makers are crucial devices on boats. An emergency water maker uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter the excess salt in sea water with the help of a high pressure pump. Rather, it has a selectively permeable membrane which throws out the brackish water molecules, bacteria, and other contaminants, and lets in fresh water ones. These devices are reasonably compact and hence eliminate the need for large tank installations. They may be either manual or automated.

Emergency Desalination Water Maker Solutions Offered by Intec America

While these water makers may be largely used in boats, they are very much a part of contingency planning in case of emergencies such as natural calamities, wars, and so on. In such situations, if there is no water, people, especially in coastal places, may have to drink sea water, and hence it must be clean and potable. While distillation entirely removes salinity, it cannot be used for drinking. Also, it requires more energy compared to reverse osmosis. At Intec America, we offer reverse osmosis tools and solutions for removing the salinity from water. Here are some emergency desalination water maker solutions offered by us.

  • Point-of use RO systems: This is a compact RO filtration system which you can connect to the tap or faucet available. The water flowing from the tap travels through various filters including cartridge filters removing heavy metals, salts, bacteria, and other contaminants. This comprises four types of filters, namely, sediment, precarbon, RO membrane, and post carbon TCR filter. In case of emergencies, one can simply pull seawater through a suction pump and make it pass through all the stages of filtration in this RO system. A manual filter can be used for on the spot filtration.
  • Comprehensive Water Testing Kits: We offer these kits which help you instantly check the quality of water. You can check various parameters such as pH, salts, TDS, chemicals, and so on with the help of a meter, pre-programmed values for comparison, and a display in one compact device.

If you are a part of any such contingency planning team at either government or corporate level, we can help you find efficient solutions for getting clean water, regardless of the source. Intec America already has several years of experience in offering residential and other water treatment solutions. As far as using sea water in emergencies is concerned, we have a solution ready and are already working with a few clients on the same. We have also been working closely disaster recovery and relief teams to know the real challenges on ground and ensure our solutions make sea water safe and fit to drink. If you need any further information on our emergency water maker systems or you need to share new requirements, you can reach us via phone or email.

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