Anti-Scale Systems

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Households all over the country, all over the world, have an expensive problem they might not even know about Hard water.

Hard water is entirely natural. It occurs when large amounts of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium build up in the water. The issue is that hard water can be a serious problem for plumbing systems and can cause a wide range of issues over time.

Anti-scale systems help prevent the problems associated with hard water by preventing calcium deposits, or scale, from building up inside of household plumbing and appliances.
Anti-scale systems can also help reduce and reverse the problems from the existing scale, restoring pressure and normal function to your home’s water systems.

What Is An Anti-Scale System?

There’s more than one type of anti-scale system, but they all serve the same purpose. An anti-scale system helps to remove existing calcium scale from plumbing and also prevents future build-up.
Having an anti-scale system is important for maintaining the life and function of household appliances, and can also improve the life and function of small appliances like coffee makers. You’ll notice improved water pressure and performance, and may even notice improvements in the taste and clarity of your tap water.

Salt Based Vs. Salt-Free Anti-Scale Systems

There are two broad categories of anti-scale water treatment system and a lot of smaller categories within them. The broad categories are salt-based and salt-free anti-scale systems.
Salt-based systems, or water softeners, remove the minerals that make your water hard in the first place, but they also add salt (in the form of sodium) to your home’s water. If you need a low-sodium diet or have other restrictions on salt, using a salt-based anti-scale system can make it harder to meet those goals.
Salt-free systems use other chemicals or technologies to prevent mineral crystallization, which eliminates scale buildup but doesn’t remove the minerals from your water.
That’s important because those minerals will still be present in the water, unlike in salt-based systems, but they’re crystallized in the water, preventing them from forming buildup.

Types Of Anti-Scale Systems

There are three main types of Anti-scale systems, including:
  • Salt-based water softeners use salt to remove hard minerals found in water.
  • Chemical injection uses safe chemicals to inhibit the crystallization of hard minerals; thus, preventing buildup.
  • Hard water treatment medias/resins perform basically the same role as water conditioners, but instead of using an additive, they instead use a filtration media/resin to crystallize hard minerals and prevent the formation of scale.
  • Signal-Based anti-scale systems send a low-frequency electromagnetic signal through your plumbing system, which changes how minerals in your water behave, eliminating scale.
All these systems can do the job but the right anti-scale system for your home might depend on local availability, which minerals are likely causing the problem in your area, and what level of maintenance you’re comfortable with.

Benefits Of Anti Scale Systems

There are a lot of potential benefits to using an anti-scale system. Here are just a few of the most important benefits:
  • Longer lifespan of home appliances and plumbing
  • Improved water quality
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower plumbing and appliance maintenance costs
  • The best systems are eco-friendly, use no electricity, and does not discharge brine water which in some areas is now banned.

Things To Consider

Choosing the right anti-scale system can be complicated, but there are a few things to consider:
  • Space: some anti-scale systems that have filtration media take up more space than others. In some homes, the added space may make these systems difficult to install.
  • Salt Tolerance: Salt-based systems are very common and have been used for decades. However, they can contribute to health problems related to sodium, or make you use additional water filtration for drinking water.
  • Cost: The cost of an anti-scale system can vary depending on the system and the size of your home. Some systems have a larger upfront installation cost, while others may be more affordable to install, but have higher maintenance costs over the lifetime of the system.
  • Local Restrictions: Salt-free systems may also be required if you live in a brine-free area. Brine-free areas limit the use of salt because adding salt into the water system can mess with water quality and filtration systems at the utility, or because the additional salt may get into the environment and local water table, causing problems.
  • Waste Products: Some anti-scale systems, like salt systems, have additional biproducts that, while safe, increase system maintenance requirements.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Some newer anti-scale systems are maintenance-free. Once they are installed you don’t have to worry about them anymore. However, many of these systems come with higher installation costs.

Anti-Scale System Installation And Maintenance

Installation of anti-scale systems can be as simple as adding a filter to the water main in your home. These filters generally install quickly, with easy-to-use screw-in systems, and only need to be replaced occasionally.
Other systems might need a professional installation and a source of electricity to function. Installation can usually be done in a few hours unless you also need a new electrical line run.
With modern technology some anti-scale systems can even send an alert to your connected smart device or phone, telling you when it is time for some maintenance!
Wrap Up

Getting a new anti-scale system can feel like a big step, especially if you live somewhere your options might be limited. But the truth is that these systems help reduce the cost of your home maintenance, help prevent common plumbing issues, and even help major appliances like your washer, showers, and baths, and even your refrigerator last longer!

If you live somewhere with hard water and don’t already have an anti-scale system in place, the sooner the better. The sooner your anti-scale system is in place, the sooner you, and your appliances, will reap the benefits.

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