Survival Water Filter System

There are certain situations we may experience in life such as wars, natural calamities, pandemics, and so on, wherein it may not be possible live the way we normally do. This includes moving freely, getting access to food and water both at home and outside. Of all this, water is an extremely essential element for survival, and which is why water supply in emergency situations must be planned well and executed when needed. The term survival filtration system implies using easily available filtration tools during an emergency situation to get access to reasonably clean water. Intec America offers various tools and solutions for clean water for drinking and other uses in the form of filters, storage systems, and more. While much needs to be done for emergency water storage at the supply level, you can make use of basic filtration systems to help you get potable water in homes and outside.

What Are Survival Filters for Water and Their Importance?

In a flood-like or war-torn situation or any other calamity, water bodies are likely to be contaminated than ever before due to dirt, germs, dead animals, debris, pathogens, dried leaves, and several types of particulate matter. This water must be filtered out at least on a basic level with whatever you have, such as a cotton cloth, strainer, charcoal, alum, and so on. While these are basic means, a better option is to keep a compact sized semi-permeable membrane filter with you. Additionally, you can keep handy tools such as pH meters which can instantly check the pH, temperature and other parameters. However, this can be done on an individual level if you must go out. This is because one cannot carry huge filtration systems wherever you go. However, if you are stuck at home or anywhere indoors, these proper filtration systems would be useful.

On the other hand, you can install RO and UV filters at filtration plants supplied by local water supply departments and government entities. These must be compact systems which function on batteries or without electricity. This is because power cuts are likely in such situations, and hence one cannot rely on the regular filtration systems fitted with electric motors. All of this must be a part of the disaster prevention and recovery planning done by special teams appointed by local or federal governments.

Survival Water Filter Systems and Solutions Offered by Intec America

At Intec America, we offer three types of tools for water purification in survival situations. The first part is testing, second is filtration, and third is storage. For both testing as well as filtration, we offer sustainable and compact sized solutions which are handy and can function without electricity. We offer special storage containers or units where clean water can be stored in huge amounts such as a few gallons. Here are some survival water purification systems and solutions offered by us.

  • Water Testing: We offer water testing kits which are easy to use and help you measure certain parameters in a water sample such as total dissolved solids, pH, temperature, and so on. These kits offer an estimate about water quality and how safe it is to consume with or without filtration.
  • Water Filtration: We offer numerous filtration systems in various sizes and capacities. In terms of emergency situations, basic membrane filters are the most suitable. We also offer UV filters, cartridge filters, RO filters, and so on to be installed near water bodies or water treatment units. We also offer acid neutralizing filters to neutralize the pH of water as water with acidic pH is unsafe to drink.
  • Water Storage: Water storage must be planned by disaster recovery teams based on the are or number of people estimated. We offer lightweight yet sturdy water storage containers which are FDA approved. These food grade containers are available in a variety of sizes and you can store hundreds of gallons of clean water in them. Stored water can be used for days, especially if the water supply or electric supply is cut.

If you are an NGO, a private player, a government run water treatment department, or a part of disaster recovery teams, you may want to know more about these solutions. Intec America already has a team of experts who offer water treatment solutions at various levels. We have also been working closely disaster recovery and relief teams to know the real challenges on ground. So, we have developed some tools and solutions that are useful and quickly available in case of such situations. If you need any further information on our survival water filter systems of any type or need to share your requirements, you can reach us via phone or email.

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