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For several decades, chlorine has been used as a water purification agent for swimming pools. While it does clean the water to some extent, there are plenty of drawbacks it leaves behind. This includes a peculiar odor, increased water density, and more. It also causes skin irritation and itching. After all, it is a chemical. What if there is a more natural alternative available? We are sure most people would prefer natural purifiers more than chemicals. Also, in this case, there are no drawbacks. Intec America offers you this non chlorine pool, which is absolutely clean and safe. We use a NASA-developed technology called COPPER IONIZATION and have successfully offered our water purification services to our customers for various purposes from filtration to tannin removal.

What is a Chlorine free Pool?

Although chlorine has been used for years in water treatment processes, it does have certain drawbacks. While chlorine does sanitize the water and reduces the potential of bacteria and algae growth, there has been a need to seek alternatives for chlorine due to certain health conditions it can aggravate.

Chlorine Free Pools

Chlorine free swimming pool sanitation, without the use chemicals, sounds appealing, yet farfetched. In some cases, bromine has been used as a chlorine alternative for pools. It is similar to chlorine in many ways. It is also a halogen and effective; but, is more expensive to maintain. Ozonation, U/V light, and mineralizers offer many benefits. However, their inability to provide a lasting sanitation residual would still require the use of low levels of chlorine. There was a need to develop a better swimming pool option without the use of chlorine. Recent advancements in technology utilizing natural elements provided a healthy alternative using the ionization concept. This technology is now commercially available and affordable to any end user.

It is imperative that these chemical-free pools should be clean and free of germs. Also, the water should not attack and remove the protective oils on our skin. Thanks to the technology we use, it has been possible for us to realize this idea. Our copper ionization technology is a safe alternative for a non chlorine pool.

Why Should You Consider a Chlorine Free Pool?

Although chlorine has been used for years in water treatment processes, it does have certain drawbacks. While chlorine does sanitize the water and prevents most biological growth, there has been a need to seek alternatives for chlorine due to the following drawbacks:

  • It causes reddening / irritation of the skin and eyes.
  • If the proportion of chlorine is above desired levels, it could be toxic for humans and pets.
  • Some individuals are sensitive to chlorine and may develop allergies.
  • It could dry out skin, hair, and nail cuticles.
  • Some swimmers are sensitive to chlorine and/or its byproducts and develop symptoms such as breathlessness, nausea, and persistent cough.

How to prevent a chlorine allergy?

Hypersensitivity, reactions, and chlorine allergies are used interchangeable. The medical field does not recognize that there is a “chlorine allergy” as it is not classified as a disease nor does it effect the immune system. There is sufficient evidence that chlorine does cause irritations or reactions in some people ranging from moderate to severe.

Below are some suggestions for those sensitive to chlorine:

  • Ensuring the swimming pool chemistry is properly balanced can reduce many symptoms.
  • Those suffering from certain skin irritations should rinse after swimming to remove chlorine residuals on their body.
  • Other skin conditions may benefit from the application of moisturizers before entering the pool.
  • If you have bronchial disorders, avoid pools that have pungent odors as the chloramine level may be too high.
  • Ear plugs and googles are beneficial to those that have ear issues or sensitive eyes.
  • Always check with your family doctor about any symptoms that are experienced after swimming and ask what precautions that can made.
  • Avoidance is truly the best way to prevent a chlorine allergy.

How to Maintain a Chlorine free Pool?

Here are a few pointers which tell you how to maintain your pool using copper ionization:

  • Copper ionization is a revolutionary technology, and the ionized pool is actually a fresh water pool; but, it is different from chemical-free pool filter systems or bio filters.
  • An ionized pool is easy to maintain.
  • All you need to do is install a copper electrode between the pool filter and heater.
  • Copper ionization is compatible with any type of filter that removes suspended matter and prevents cloudy water.
  • Copper acts as a deterrent for algae and biological growth. Aside from this, copper has many health benefits for humans.
  • Maintain the pH between 7 and 7.4 using a mild acid and base (such as baking soda).
  • Continue to run your pool / pump recirculation system as normal and turn on your ionizer only as needed. The ideal range is 0.4 – 0.6 ppm which is less that half the EPA limits for drinking water standards.
  • You can do this once a week or run the system on a timer for a few hours a day.
  • Use a filter aid, such as a clarifier or mild oxidant, as needed or once a week to be proactive.

Applications Where Chlorine free Pools System Can Be Used

Here are some application areas of chlorine free pools system:

  • Swimming pools
  • Artificial ponds
  • Spas
  • Jacuzzis