pH Neutralizers

pH Neutralizing Filter (Whole House) Point-of-Entry

Our neutralizer filter systems are equipped with high quality resin and they are installed in the main water line prior to the iron filter system. Installed according with the manufacturer’s recommendation, the neutralizer system will stop the green/blue stains and reduce corrosion usually caused by acidic water.

Our pH Neutralizer Backwash Filter comes with neutralizing media and under-bedding gravel. The gravel is used as a support to keep smaller medias out of the distribution system and to stop channeling of water. Acidic water will slowly dissolve the media on contact. This process raises the pH which, in turn reduces the potential for leaching of copper pipes, lead and other metals typically found in plumbing systems. Periodic backwashing will prevent packing and maintain high service flow rates. Depending on pH level and flow rate, the media bed will have to be periodically renewed as the original bed is dissolved. As the media is dissolved in the water, hardness will increase. Depending on initial hardness, a water softener may be necessary after the neutralization process.

Key Benefits

  • Scalable to any flow rate
  • Increase pH from 4.0 or higher
  • Timed valves, simple in/out valves options available (Call for lower prices on in/out valves)

If your installation requires additional products, we will discount those purchases. Prices quoted include electronic valves. Systems with in/out valves are reduced by $124.00

(pH 6.2 and up)

Description SKU #
10″ x 54″ 8 gpm* WS11054CLT
13″ x 54″ 10 gpm* WS11354CLT


(pH 6.1 to 5.5)

Description SKU #
10″ x 54″ 8 gpm* WS11054CLC
13″ x 54″ 10 gpm* WS11354CLC


(pH 5.4 to 4.8)


Description SKU #
10″ x 54″ 8 gpm* WS11054CCR
13″ x 54″ 10 gpm* WS11354CCR


(pH 4.7 to 4.1)

Description SKU #
10″ x 54″ 8 gpm* WS11054CCX
13″ x 54″ 10 gpm* WS11354CCX

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