A Huge Increase in Pool Chemical Price and How Ionization Can Save You Money

Chlorine is one of the most popular chemicals used for pool sanitization. It helps inhibit the growth of microorganisms and algae in the water. The price of this chemical has increased over the years gradually, and many local pool service companies have ignored the same. In recent years, there has been a steep increase in prices due to chlorine shortage brought by unforeseen consequences during COVID-19 and a fire in one of the largest chlorine plants in Louisiana. This has driven pool service companies to increase their prices, which many customers find too high.

A Huge Increase in Pool Chemical Price and How Ionization Can Save You Money

Additionally, there are concerns over the impact of chlorine on human health. These scenarios have driven pool owners to consider chlorine-free alternatives like salt systems, copper pool ionizers, and UV ozone systems. Among these, copper pool ionizers stand out due to many reasons. This post explores the working and different benefits offered by these systems.

An Overview of Copper Pool Ionizers

Copper pool ionizers are the equipment that releases copper ions in water for sanitization. These copper ions are known to inhibit the growth of microorganisms and algae, and improve water quality. Copper pool ionizers feature flow cells, which are plumbed into the swimming pool’s return line and are driven by electricity. Flow cells feature copper electrodes, which release copper ions into water when electricity is passed through it. Generally, the electrodes are two or more transition metals, and copper is the most common among them. There are several types of copper electrodes used today. The most common combination is 90-95% copper with the remaining portion of silver; there are copper-silver-zinc electrodes with a high percentage of copper. You can also find copper electrodes made of 100% copper.

How Do Copper Pool Ionizers Sanitize Pool Water

Copper pool ionizers work similar to many swimming pool chemicals, but with fewer consequences. Electrically charged Cu2+ ions released into the water through electrolysis are always searching for negatively charged ions. Most microorganisms and photosynthetic organisms like algae have negative polarity in their cell walls. The Cu2+ ions form electrostatic compounds when they come in contact with negatively charged walls. These electrostatic compounds impair the permeability of cell wall and block the nutrient uptake, thereby inactivating these organisms.

Why Choose Copper Pool Ionizers over Other Pool Cleaning Chemicals

Copper pool ionizers have gained popularity over several pool cleaning chemicals for the following reasons.

  • Copper ions are safe for water, humans, and the environment and do not form harmful by-products when released into the water.
  • Copper ionizers can be used to sanitize swimming pools of any length and type.
  • They can be retrofitted to any pool, and they do not cause any harm to the pool surface.
  • Copper ions form no slimy deposits on the pool surface. This helps reduce maintenance costs for pool owners.
  • Chlorine ions react to environmental changes quickly. They break down when exposed to high temperatures or UV radiation. Copper ions remain in the water for a long time, and do not break down easily.
  • This lasting nature of ions helps prevent microbial growth in water.
  • Ionized swimming pools are safe for everyone. Unlike swimming pool chemicals, they do not increase pool chemical levels or cause any harm to people inside. Many people are allergic to chemicals like chlorine, but copper ions are not known to cause any side effects.
  • High pH values in chlorinated pools have always been a concern for pool owners; however, copper ions do not add to these values.
  • Chlorine or other pool chemicals can affect the chemical levels in water and increase its density when used in high amounts. Many pool owners use chlorine neutralizers to balance these levels.

All the above-mentioned factors suggest how ionization can help save money in the long term and offer health benefits.

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