Salt-Free Water Softeners for Residential Water Treatments

The water that we get directly from rivers, streams, or other water sources may contain different minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and other metal cations that make the water hard. This water is not suited for daily use. Moreover, to make the water ideal for daily commercial applications, it must be treated with water softeners or conditioners. Although there is a wide range of water softeners and conditioners available salt-free water softeners or salt-free water conditioners are gaining popularity. They can be used to remove hard minerals present in water, thus making them ideal for residential use without adding salt to them. Are you curious to know more about salt-free softeners? Then you must read the post given below. This post will provide you with a brief insight into salt-free softeners.

What is a Salt-free Water Softener? How Does it Work?

Traditional water softeners feature plastic resin beads, which attract hard minerals ion that attach to the resin which physically removes them from water. The plastic resin beads are rinsed with a salt brine solution, which charges them with sodium ions. When hard minerals hit the beads, the sodium ions are exchanged with these minerals. The softened water exits from the tank and flows to the pipe. This water contains a small amount of sodium. The salt-free water softeners uses a media that converts hardness mineral ions into crystals which flow downstream and are unable to form scale. This crystallization helps prevent the scaling of minerals and prevent them from clinging to pipes and other plumbing fixtures.

Why Choose a Salt-free Water Softener System?

The following advantages of salt-free water softeners will definitely encourage you to choose salt-free water softeners instead of salt-based water softeners:

  • It provides good-quality water by simply reducing the number of sodium ions.
  • It requires minimum maintenance.
  • Saltless softeners do not require high-voltage electricity for operation.
  • It is more durable than other water softeners. It can provide you with quality results for up to 10 years.
  • The salt-free water softeners can prevent scaling on plumbing hardware, pipes, and water fixtures.
  • The saltless systems do not produce wastewater like salted water softeners.
  • They are environmentally safe alternatives to salty water conditioners.
  • These conditioners do not require electricity, sodium, or salt brines, nor use backwash cycles.

If you are looking for an effective alternative to treat hard water, then you must consider investing in salt-free conditioners. Nevertheless, before buying them, ensure to source them from a trusted seller like Intec America, among the best providers of water treatment products. The company provides the Watts E-Treat® system, which is one of the most popular no salt conditioners or water softeners in the world. The company also provides traditional water softeners from industry-leading brands. Get in touch with the experts at the company to discuss your requirements.

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