Undersink Filters vs Whole House Water Filtration Systems – Know the Real Difference

Access to clean, fresh, and safe water for drinking and other domestic chores is a primary necessity for all. The quality of water has always been the topmost priority of water treatment and supply departments of local governments and private players in this segment. Unfortunately, the natural sources of potable water on the earth are limited. This is because the water in its purest form contains heavy metals, bacteria, harmful contaminants, and so on. Also, pure water has excess amounts of minerals, such as zinc, iron, and potassium, which are hard to digest when consumed more than required. Hence, these hardness-causing heavy metals and minerals need to be filtered before usage to improve water quality. Today, different types of water purification and conditioning equipment are available. Undersink filters and whole house water filtration systems are the most popular. Now you may ask, which one is the best for purifying water? Or how do Undersink filters differ from Whole house filtration systems? This post discusses both water filtration systems in detail. So, stay tuned.

Under Sink Vs Whole House Water Filter

Undersink Filters Vs. Whole House Water Filtration Systems – Know the Differential Characteristics

Both undersink filters and whole house water filtration systems perform the same function – remove impurities, bacteria, and other contaminants from the water, resulting in clean, safe, and odor-free water. However, these systems differ from each other in many ways. The following are some important pointers which differentiate between these two types of filtration systems. So, let’s have a look at them.

  • Area of Installation: A whole house filtration system filters water at the entry point, thus popularly called a point-of-entry filter. These systems not only provide clean water for drinking and several other purposes, but also protect your family and loved ones from water-borne diseases. Additionally, it increases the lifespan of plumbing and water-based appliances by removing harmful contaminants. In contrast to this, undersink filters are also called point-of-use systems. They treat water at the point where they are installed, such as your kitchen sink, faucet, or tap. They are much smaller compared to the whole house water filtration systems. Undersink filters feature a non-complex design; thus, they are fuss-free and can be easily maintained. The main difference here is that if the system is installed at the sink faucet, it will filter the water flowing from that particular tap and not from taps in other areas such as bathrooms. On the other hand, whole house filtration systems are installed at the point of entry, which enables them to purify water at the entry level. So, all the taps and faucets in the house get filtered and clean water.
  • Filtration Efficiency and Design: Whole house filtration systems are equipped with a multi-stage filtration process. These multi-stage systems treat water through several water filter media and cartridge filters that they consist of. Thus, a single whole house water softening system can effectively remove sediment at small, big, or microscopic levels, filter out all harmful chemicals, and inactivate almost all viruses and bacteria. One can be assured of getting clean and safe water with a whole house filtration system. Undersink filters feature a non-complex design; thus, they are fuss-free and can be easily maintained. Whole house filtration systems need dedicated space near the water source, undersink filters can easily fit in areas, like kitchens.
  • Maintenance Costs: It is a proven fact that filter replacement in multi-stage systems costs less than maintaining several filtrations systems. Having said that, a whole house filtration system requires lower maintenance costs than an undersink filter.
  • Throughput: Compared to other filtration systems, including countertop or undersink filter systems, whole house filtration has a higher filtered water output.

Both, undersink filters and whole house water filtration systems are mainly used to demineralize water. These systems help you get clean and safe water for drinking and other purposes. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the best among them. If you are still confused, it is always recommended to consult a highly-experienced and knowledgeable industry player. Intec America is among the most prominent player in this segment. With years of industry experience and skilled employees, the company offers water treatment solutions of different types based on the application needs. Also, they are the ones who commercialized the copper-ionization technology. If you have any doubts or queries about water filtration systems, get in touch with the team of experts. They will assist you after thoroughly understanding your requirements. For any enquiries or requirement sharing you can reach us via phone or email.

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