Benefits and Challenges of Owning a Swimming Pool or Spa

Owning a swimming pool and spa comes with its own set of benefits. This is because most people associate it with positive things like relaxation, exercise, and fun. They can also make a great place for weekend fun get-togethers, poolside parties, BBQ parties. However, this ownership also comes with its own set of challenges. This post gives an overview of owning a pool and spa and its maintenance challenges, along with their solutions.

Top 5 Reasons Why Owning a Spa is Beneficial

Are you designing a dream home and skeptical whether a pool would be the right investment or not? The following pointers will help you change your mind.

  1. A Great Summer Getaway: Nothing can match the coolness quotient of a spa or swimming pool at home. When temperatures soar, you can relax by taking a dip at the pool or even sitting beside it in the evenings.
  2. Swim at Your Own Will Privately: If you have been using public swimming pools, you would understand the significance of crowds and privacy. You need to stick to certain times of the day at most public swimming pools which require you to adjust your routine accordingly. Also, at a peak times, there would be many people using the pool and space may be hard to come by. However, by owning a pool at home, you can avoid these hassles.
  3. Best Location to Spend Time with Family and Friends: Planning a family vacation or outing with friends to the beach or other water bodies may not be always possible due to various reasons. This might include limited budgets and increased expenses for peak times of year, distance of travel, restrictions related to Covid-19, and so on. With a spa or swimming pool at home, you can plan a staycation easily. You do not need to spend on travel time, efforts, or permissions; you can just walk to your swimming pool and enjoy any day with your family and friends. A swimming pool in the backyard is the perfect place for hosting functions, family parties, and other gathering.
  4. Great Choice for Physical and Psychological Health: Swimming regularly is one of the best forms of exercise and is also good for relaxation. It is perfect for those who desire low-impact aerobic exercises. Research shows that soaking in a spa relieves muscle soreness and offers anti-inflammatory benefits. Additionally, sparkling clean water also impacts your mind. You can relax on its side while composing yourself.
  5. Enjoy Good Water Quality: Water quality is one of the big concerns for people who use public swimming pools. Although most of these pool owners take steps towards sanitization, it may not be enough. Or in most cases, way too much causing respiratory or skin irritations. With a swimming pool at home, you can be assured of the water quality because it is used by fewer people and you are in charge of the sanitation and maintenance.
Benefits and Challenges of Owning a Swimming Pool or Spa

Challenges Faced by Swimming Pool and Spa Owners

Regular maintenance of swimming pools and spas is one of the key challenges faced by owners. The maintenance involves:

  • Sanitizing water regularly
  • Removing debris from the surface of the pool
  • Checking filtration systems regularly
  • Fixing pool hardware

Of all these challenges, swimming pool and spa sanitation is the most difficult. Sanitization needs to be done regularly to curb the growth of algae and reduce microorganisms in the water to ensure its purity. Most swimming pool and spa owners use bromine and chlorine-based products for sanitation. This is because these products are readily available and are known to be effective in controlling algae and other microorganisms.

In recent years, there have been increasing concerns on the use of chlorine and bromine-products, which has made pool and spa owners to search for chlorine-free alternatives. The following are a few chlorine-free alternatives that have gained popularity in recent years.

  • Ozonators: These are machines that release ozone gas into the pool by injecting it into the recirculation plumbing usually after the pool filter. The gas reacts with impurities and kills viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. These devices still require a little amount of chlorine for working as the unstable gas is short lived and quickly converts back into oxygen.
  • Ionizers: These systems release copper ions into the water. They are comprised of copper electrodes plumbed into the return line of the swimming pool. Copper ions are released when an electrical current passes through them. Copper ions have a destructive effect on algae and viruses. They disturb the enzyme balance of these organisms by cutting down their food and gas intake, thereby inactivating them.
  • PHMB: This stands for polyhexamethylene biguanide, which is marketed by brands like SoftSwim and Baquacil. These chemicals also have a destructive effect on bacterial cell walls. The cell walls explode and get wrapped in heavy gel, which is sucked into the recirculation system and removed via filtration.

So, if you are looking for Copper ionization has proven to be effective in pool and spa sanitization. It is important that you source them from a trusted brand like Intec America. The company was the first in the US to commercialize the chlorine-free alternatives for your pool, you need to invest in the solution that not only assures you 100% effective results but also protects your health. Copper ionization has proven to be effective in pool and spa sanitization. It is important that you source them from a trusted brand like Intec America. The company was the first in the US to commercialize the copper ionization system for spas and pools.

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