How Alkaline Ionized Water Can Improve Your Health?

Alkaline Ionized Water Benefit

Normally, the pH of water we drink or use is largely neutral and ranges between 6.8 and 7.4. This is considered safe for consumption. However, over the last few years much has been discussed on alkaline water and its possible uses. Alkalinity of water refers to the pH range from 8 to 9. So, drinking this alkaline water is said to help prevent many diseases. While further research and evidences are required on this topic, many have already started drinking alkaline water. According to posts and reports on various media, many people have already benefitted from drinking alkaline water. So, how to make neutral water alkaline and can we do this at home? This post discusses alkaline water and its benefits in preventing certain health conditions. It also discusses the water filtration systems used in this process.

How Water Quality Contributes to Improved Health Benefits

There are many benefits of alkaline water although more research and evidence is required in this area. Here are some of the health benefits it offers.

  • Some reports suggest the use of alkaline water to reduce acid reflux and digestion issues. According to a study by Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology, alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 is a useful supplement to reduce acidity.
  • In 2018, researchers in Japan suggested that drinking alkaline water helped relieving gastrointestinal problems in some people.
  • Bone health and alkaline water has been a subject of study for several years now. A study in Bone Journal claimed that alkaline water had profound effect on bone resorption. They helped reduce bone resorption and increased mineral density. However, there has been counterclaims where a study in Nutrition Journal compared the alkaline water and acidic diet and found that neither of them had any major stake in preventing or causing osteoporosis.
  • Another study in 2016 reported that study participants found a difference in blood viscosity after consuming highly alkaline water after a workout. The people who consumed highly alkaline water reported reduce in viscosity by 6.3 percent when compared to ones who consumed regular tap water with reported viscosity reduction of 3.36 percent.
  • While there is no standard for how much alkaline water should be consumed in a day, one can start with small quantities such as one glass per day, observe the output, and gradually increase the intake based on observations. It is also advised to consult your doctor in this regard.

Alkaline Ionized Water and Antioxidants

Magnesium and calcium hydroxide compounds offer alkalinity to alkaline ionized water. This is because the water undergoes ionization, wherein the calcium and magnesium carbonate compounds break away and the separated minerals react with the hydroxyl ions in water to form hydroxide compounds. This water has a higher pH than regular alkaline water. This water is said to eliminate muscle lactic acids as well as toxins from the body when consumed after exercise.

How to Improve Alkalinity of Water

While alkaline water according to its basic nature tastes slightly bitter, it does offer a lot of health benefits. You can make the regular water with a neutral pH alkaline with the help of some filtration systems. Here are some filtration systems which help make alkaline as well as alkaline ionized water.

  • Ionizing Water Filter: In an ionizing water filter, water undergoes electrolysis which splits or breaks the ions of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. An ionizer separates the water streams into two- acidic and alkaline. Electrolysis raises the pH. So, the alkaline stream comprises alkaline water with antioxidants.
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Filter: Just like regular RO filters, there are alkaline RO filters as well. These may be either point of entry or point of use filters. These filters have active mineralization feature, which helps improve the alkalinity of water.

Health is of paramount importance for each individual. While a good diet and exercise go a long way in achieving good health, drinking alkaline water may act as a supplement and help in disease prevention. If you are interested in consuming alkaline ionized water on a daily basis, it would be worth investing a water ionizer. Ensure you source it from a reliable manufacturer and supplier who has the required experience. Intec America is one of those players who specializes in various kinds of water treatment solutions and offers water ionizers and filtration systems of various types.

Disclaimer: There is not enough evidence available that shows or proves if drinking alkaline water prevents or treats diseases. This may be because the human body naturally does an excellent job at keeping our blood at a steady 7.3 to 7.4 pH level. The body balances the acidity and alkalinity levels in blood in several natural ways. Also, it is recommended to consult your practitioner before consuming alkaline ionized water on a regular basis.

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