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Filtration – Is any mechanical devise that will remove suspended solids such as particulates, chemicals, and in some cases metals in its dissolved ionic form. We offer various sizes of cartridge filters for sediment and chemical removal. Mechanical backwashing filters that address chemicals (chlorine, chloramines, and fluoride for example), metals (iron and manganese), and suspended matter. Our air injection systems our intended for high metals and hydrogen sulfide removal. Ozonation or chemical injection for sanitation or enhanced oxidation of metals is normally followed up with filtration.


Air / Ozone Injection

Air injection and ozone injection are not new to the industry. However,   having the injection take place in the valve head to create and gas pocket     for advanced oxidation is. It is highly effective and a more reliable injection    process without the cost of additional retention tanks or pumps. Air   injection is great for the treatment of elevated iron and manganese as well   as moderate hydrogen sulfide. EOG (Enhanced Ozone Generator) is   effective on high iron, manganese, and elevated hydrogen sulfide levels.



Ozone gas injection, followed with retention and filtration, is used with problematic water. This may include elevated iron, manganese, or hydrogen sulfide or biological concerns. Ozonation is one of the best technologies available to address iron bacteria (sometimes referred to as iron algae). These systems are scalable to your specific need.


Cartridge Filters

Whole house cartridge filters are a cost effective option for addressing many issues. Small 10” and 20” filters are limited in their scope of what contaminants can be removed and even the volume / flow rate they can handle. Large cartridge whole house filters have a greater surface area, provide more contact time that may be necessary to remove contaminants, and can handle higher flow rates with minimal pressure loss.


Backwashable Filters

These filters are ideal for both municipal water and well water. The systems are customized in size and the media used to remove the contaminants of concern. Examples may include, but are not limited to, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, chloramines, THMs, fluoride, and pesticides. These systems will backwash on predetermined intervals.