A Few Guidelines to Make Your Swimming Pools and Spas Safe for Kids

Having a swimming pool or spa at home is a luxury that many people often dream about. However, if you have kids at home, the spa and swimming pool come with a few concerns. The concerns related to kids’ safety around the swimming pools are not limited to hydrophobia that kids may face but also to long-term ailments due to pool sanitizing chemicals. That is why it essential to prepare the swimming pools considering the safety of your kids.

Do you how to do that? If not, then this post is for you.

This post offers a few guidelines to make your swimming pools and spas safe for kids.

In short, it offers pool safety tips for parents who may be concerned about the safety of their kids around swimming pools and spas.

Swimming Pool Safe for Kids

Ways to Protect Your Kids from Pool Hazards

Kids are exposed to multiple hazards from a swimming pool. It can be physical damage, phobia, skin irritations, and even chemical poisoning.

Let us discuss the hazards and their solutions in detail.

  • Protect Kids from Drowning: According to the reports of a pool safety campaign by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), drowning is one of the leading causes of children’s death. Therefore, it is essential to safeguard your kids against drowning by implementing the following precautions.
    • Teach your kids to swim. In order to prevent drowning, it is essential for your kids to know how to swim.
    • Install safety barriers and nets around the pool in order to prevent accidental falling in the pools. If kids are too young between the ages of 1-4 years old, then this is essential to protect your kids.
    • Adult supervision is essential when the kids are around or in the pool. Even if your kids suffer hydrophobia, adult supervision is essential when kids are nearby the pool.
  • Avoid Using Harmful Chemicals: According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) water sanitization health, chapter 4, pool water is a potential source of chemicals. During swimming, the kids may be exposed to cleaning chemicals like chlorine, bath-derived chemicals, disinfection byproducts, pH-correction chemicals, etc. These chemical exposures can be in form of dermal interactions, ingestion, and inhalation, which may cause various health problems in kids.
    To avoid certain hazards, it is important to make spas and pools safe for kids using non-chemical and effective sanitation alternatives. The following are few proven preventive measures that you can take in this case.

    • Opt for chlorine-free pool sanitization techniques: These techniques may include copper ionization, ozone injections, reverse osmosis, etc. These techniques enable the disinfection of water without injecting any chlorine-based chemicals. In-fact, techniques like copper ionization are proven for the reduction of chemical contamination from pool water and it releases no harmful byproducts, too.
    • Opt for effective and continuous filtration systems: Using activated carbon filters, cartridge filters, etc can be helpful in the reduction of insoluble contamination from water.

If you wish to make pools and spas safe for kids then you should buy the copper ionizers, filters, ozone injections, etc from trusted manufacturers only. Intec-America is one of the leading suppliers of chlorine-free pool sanitization solutions. Copper ionizers, reverse osmosis filters, water softening solutions, etc are popular solutions offered by them. The company was one of the first manufacturers to develop copper ionizers for swimming pool sanitization.


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