Pool Chlorine Shortage in 2021 and Effective Chlorine-free Pool Alternatives

COVID-19 made a deep impact on human lives and economies across the world. Manufacturing and travel were some of the deeply affected industries. Against this, it was beneficial for the swimming pool industry. With many companies allowing work from home, and the money spent on luxuries being saved, people thought investing in a swimming pool for recreation was the best thing they could do. The swimming pool companies and professionals both received overwhelming orders with timelines running over months. Pool owners and prospective pool owners waited for several months to receive response from local swimming companies. The swimming pool companies were finding it difficult to process orders which peaked from June to August when most people hit pools. Many people approached them for pool repair and reconstruction works as well as new constructions. Most popular swimming pool companies had to work overtime to meet the deadlines.

However, a major fire at one of the leading chlorine factories in Louisiana changed it all in August 2020. Now, chlorine distributors are facing shortages and they have already implemented limits on retailers dealing with chlorine. The swimming season in 2021 is already here. People are searching for chlorine alternatives or effective chlorine-free pool alternatives. Although chemicals like bromine are already in the market, there is raising awareness about their side effects. This has shifted the focus on safe and effective chlorine-free alternatives. This post introduces you to the top 3 effective chlorine-free alternatives.

Chlorine Shortage in 2021

An Overview on Top Three Chlorine-free Pool Alternatives

Chlorine has been one of the most popular pool sanitization chemicals used across the world for several years. With the growing concerns about the effects of chlorine on human health, people have started adopting chlorine-free alternatives. It seems with the current pool chlorine shortage these alternatives are again in focus. The following are the three alternatives that have already gained some acceptance among pool owners.

  1. Copper and Silver Ionization Systems

    This chlorine-free alternative utilizes copper and silver electrodes for pool sanitization. It takes advantage of the antibacterial properties of copper. The electrodes comprising 90% to 97% copper with the remaining composition of silver are plumbed into the pool line and connected to the electrolytic controller device. On applying low current, the device generates metallic ions, which are released into the water. These ions are known to disrupt the enzyme balance of algae cells, thereby deactivating them completely. They are also known to curb the growth of bacteria in water. Copper ionizers are safe for treating pools and spas and are perfectly healthy for humans and the environment. Copper ions are not known to produce any residues or harmful byproducts like chlorine. It leaves no traces of treatment in water.

  2. UV Light

    As the name indicates, UV light is used to disinfect microorganisms in pool water and spas. UV light is produced using ultraviolet germicidal lamps and is directed into the pool or spa. The UV light possesses the capability to disinfect dangerous waterborne microorganisms. The UV germicidal lamps use the UV light of wavelength 254nm range.

  3. Ozonation

    In this technique, ozone gas is used to treat water. The gas is produced using a device called an Ozonator. Ozone is a type of gas that features three atoms of oxygen, which is why it is depicted using the chemical formula O3. Ozone appears as a pale blue gas, with a distinct pungent odor. The ozone gas has a short contact period and is known to react with a wide range of microorganisms including protozoans, bacteria, and viruses. Like copper and silver ionizers, ozonation produces no residues or byproducts.

All the three devices mentioned here require regular maintenance to work effectively. These techniques have been successfully implemented by commercial and residential pool owners to sanitize their pools and spas. The right choice of a chlorine-free system will depend on your application requirements. To benefit from these effective technologies, it is important to source these systems from industry-leading brands. Intec-America is one of the leading manufacturers of copper ionization systems in the US.  It was perhaps one of those first companies to commercialize the NASA-based water sanitization technique for pool and spa sanitization. The company also offers UV lights and ozonators for spa and pool water treatment.

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